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The core idea of BuhalBu.com is to promote all the cool stuff you can do with JavaScript & React focusing on the many topics you didn’t learn about from most of your books and online courses.

What do you get for free?

  • Content on carefully researched topics that will broaden your vision of what is possible with JavaScript

  • Related tips, tricks and techniques so you can start using the new stuff right away

  • Lots of examples that illustrates the usefulness of the discussed topic

  • Lists of carefully curated resources that will help you to explore more about it

  • And many other awesome things (some of them are still “under construction”)

To create this beautiful website I used cutting-edge technologies like React, HTML & CSS3 for the front-end part and for the backend I used Next.js with Headless WordPress.

It was my first project where I used Next.js and I was amazed how easy it is to create complex websites with that framework. It was a love at first sight.


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Hello, it's cool and cooler it gets
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What a sad commentary on our nation's attention span
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